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We understand that renovating or refurbishing your home is a draining and stressful experience. It takes a lot of time and effort, just to produce some plans that you are happy with. Then you have to find a painter that you can trust who will carry out your plans perfectly. You may even be tempted to undertake the painting job yourself. It will definitely be cheaper, and of course you really know how you want your living room, kitchen or bathroom to look.

However, at Hynon Painters and Decorators we have many years of practice and we always take the time to carefully analyse your plans, so we know the best methods in turning your dream plans into a reality. Our vast experience painting and decorating in Croydon and London means that our careful preparation readying each room means that when we apply the paint, it is done properly with undercoating and a perfect finish. A proper painting job will last long into the future, saving you money in the long term.

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We are a small business with few overheads. We are all about affordability.


We have painted and decorated flats, barns and houses. These have been on ceilings, doors, kitchens, furniture and various woodwork. We have the knowledge and skills to complete all jobs, however large or unique.


We will arrive early and finish late to ensure that the job is completed with minimum fuss and no mess.


We will clean, scrap and sand any problem areas to ensure that the painting job is applied in the best possible way and will last the longest.

Interior Painting

When we enter your home, we know how important it is to leave everything as it was before we arrived. We take care to cover all of your cherished possessions so that there won't be any paint or dirt when we leave your property. Next, if the room is unclean, we carefully prepare each room by cleaning it, to eliminate all dirt, mould and grime. This will ensure that the paint can be applied with precision. We also have a variety of tools at hand, sprayers, rollers and regular brushes so that however your property is structured we will be able to reach all difficult areas. Contact us for more information about our interior painting and decorating in Croydon & London.

Exterior Painting

When painting the outside of your home, it is important that the paint also protects against the elements. The only way for paint to last long is if it is applied properly with lots of preparation by assessing the best paint for the materials whether that be brick, pebble or stone. To prevent peeling and drying from sun, snow and rain, we always make sure that the paint is coated in a way so that the house is protected – in addition to looking good. Get in touch if you are looking for professional exterior painters and decorators in Croydon & London.

We’re so glad we chose Hynon Painting and Decorating to paint our home. They were courteous, professional and left no mess when they finished”
— Carol B. (West Brompton)


We have beautifully painted a wide array of kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. Here is a selection of some of the finished projects, that we are proud to have worked on.

A very good service, excellent and affordable. Hynon are a very professional company, and I was very happy with the quality of the work and highly recommend them.
— Tony S. (Croydon)
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