5 Tips to Help You Paint Your House like a Pro


The exterior of your house is the first thing that your visitors will see, when they venture onto your property. Unless the visitors to your property are Jehovah's Witnesses or dictionary salesmen, you want to make your home as inviting as possible. If so, making sure that your house is painted properly is the first step, and this is the guide for you, if you're thinking about giving the exterior of your home a fresh lick of paint!

White House.jpg

(1) Check the Weather!

It is important that you have an idea of what the weather will be like when you're painting. Rain and damp will ruin any application of paint, so it is critical that you only paint when the weather is dry and warm. It is important to note that direct sunlight is not very helpful either so try and avoid painting on hot days (If you live in the UK, you don't have to worry much about many sunny days occurring). Taking all of this into consideration, the best period to paint the exterior of your house is normally spring.

(2) Prepare Your House!

As with with the interior of your house, it is crucial that you prepare the outside of your house. So everything that can be damaged by paint needs to be covered. The floor, your bushes and your cherished collection of gnomes all need to be covered with sheeting. Once you've covered everything, you'll need to prepare all of the surfaces. If you have any wooden surfaces, they'll need to be sanded so they are smooth to the touch. Any holes or cracks, need to be filled, as any uneven surfaces will make your paint job look shoddy.

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(3) Pick the Right Paints

Paint is the one area in which you won't want to skimp. There is a real difference between cheap paint and good quality paint. The fact is that cheap paint will not last as long as decent paint, and although you may be saving a bit of money in the short-term, you'll soon be having to repaint the exterior of your house when the cheap paint starts to flake and peel. Also make sure to read the instructions for the paint, as some paint cannot be used in certain temperatures or materials.

(4) Pick the Right Primer

Once you've decided on some colours and the paint you wish to use, you'll need to use some primer before you apply your paint. Primer on your walls is essential and will ensure that your paint will stick to the surface of whatever you are painting. The final coat you apply will then be matt, gloss or another style of your choosing. When you work out the amount of paint you need to buy, always go for a little more rather than a little less, as you'll only have to make an extra trip to the hardware shop if you haven't got enough paint. When you've finished painting, carefully repack the tin with the paint, so you've got some leftover, in case you have to go back to repaint your home.

(5) Safety First People!

When you're painting your house, you'll probably need to use tools like ladders. If so, make your safety paramount, and don't try to cut corners to save yourself time.

If you haven't got the time or patience to paint the exterior of your home, then get in touch with us at Hynon Painters & Decorators. We are professional painters and decorators in the Croydon and South London, and we'll be able to ensure your house looks amazing once again, with a fresh lick of paint.