Paint Your Bathroom the Best Way


If you are painting your bathroom you will need to prepare your surfaces and use high quality paint just like any other room. However there are a few more things that you will want to consider, to ensure that your bathroom looks really special. As professional painters and decorators in Croydon and South London, we know a few things about good painting, and this is our handy guide to help you paint your bathroom like a professional.

Ventilation is Important

Bathrooms are unlike any other room in that they undergo serious stress. The everyday hot showers and baths mean that temperatures and humidity fluctuate wildly. A lot of humidity will effect your paint so in an ideal world, you want to have some open windows or a fan to help clear moisture after every shower or bath. If you don't have a fan, you may want to consider getting one installed.

Paint Your Windows Carefully

Windows get lots of use; they are opened and closed, things get put on their ledges and rain will hit the exterior. So, a high quality semi gloss or gloss trim paint should be applied, as this kind of paint will be able to weather all kinds of use. Make sure to use exterior paint on any surface that will take any rain and wind.

Newly Decorated Bathroom.jpg

Think About the Lighting

The natural lighting in your bathroom will play a big role in how good it looks. If you have a lot of natural light, this can reflect on your paint and what it looks like. If the paint job is slapdash in any way, this will be even more obvious under the glare of a strong sun. If you're painting any expansive spaces, use a roller to paint in one direction, before using it the other way for the next coat. After every coat of paint, inspect carefully for any flaws. You can always touch-up any small mistakes.

Pick One Colour

One of the most important things you will need to think about is the colour you will paint the ceiling and walls. Bathrooms can often be cramped and small spaces. Painting everything in one colour will give the impression of a large space. So, try and avoid dark colours as this will make your bathroom feel shorter.

Eliminate Mould

Bathrooms can be particularly prone to mould because of the high humidity. If your bathroom does have a breakout of mould then there are solutions that will clear this. Removing mould is critical and will ensure that you have a quality service to paint on. The more effort you put into eliminating mould, the less likelier it will be that the mould grows back.

If you want to leave the bathroom painting to the professionals, then give us a call at Hynon Painters & Decorators. We've been painting and decorating homes in the Croydon and South London area for many years now and we know just what it takes to make your bathroom beautiful too.