The 5 Colours You Should Paint Your Kids Room


Deciding what colour to paint your living room or kitchen is hard – we all know how difficult it is deciding between light beige, dark beige or off white. Deciding what colour to paint your child's room is easy though right? Blue for boys. Pink for girls. If your child has learned the awesome power of speech, then just ask the kid what colour room they want – and as long as they don't ask for orange and yellow stripes or black walls and ceilings with the blacked out windows, then you should just give them what they want right? Well no, because apparently colours can trigger different psychological responses, so you should have a little think first, before you ask little Timmy what colour he wants his room painted.

(1) Ravishing Red

If you think red is a bit too strong of a colour to be painted on your child's room, then you'd be right. Red is great for stimulating the mind, but too much of it can cause aggression, and impair your child's ability to focus, apparently. So, the next best thing would be too use a splash of red to complement a plain wall, so you get the energising effect of red, but not so much that is overpowering!

(2) Trusty Blue

Blue is often the go to colour if you have a boy and you're painting their room. Blue is safe, calming and reassuring and research suggests that it can even lower the heart rate and blood pressure. If your child likes to throw the odd tantrum or two, blue could be just the right colour.

Green Room.jpg

(3) Earthy Green

A lot of schools paint their walls in green because it aids the learning process. Green is all about serenity and calm and can evoke nature and the outside world. As such, it's a great colour for your kid's room. You probably want to avoid the darker greens though, and go for the lighter shades.

(4) Fabulous Pink

Just like blue for boys, pink is a mainstay for girls rooms. Pink has a calming effect and is a great choice if you have a young child. The problem with pink though, is that your child may be asking to change it after a few years, as it can get a bit too much, especially when your child enters their teens.

White Room.jpg

(5) Neutral White

If you want a safe choice, then a variation of white can work in your child's room. If you have white walls you probably want to offset it with some colourful furniture. Something you will want to consider as well, is that dirt and grime is a lot more noticeable on a white wall. So probably not a good idea if you've got cheeky toddlers running about the house.

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