6 Handy Painting Tips for Landlords


As painters and decorators, we often get asked by landlords for advice as to which colours their property should be painted in. If you, are like most landlords, you probably want the easy life when it comes to your rental property. So, here's a few handy pointers you should think about if you're renovating your rental property, as these will definitely save you time and energy in the long run.

(1) Beige Is Your Best Friend

If you've ever worn a white shirt, you'll know just how easy it is to stain. Likewise, if you've got white walls, you'll soon notice how easy it is to spot fingermarks and ketchup stains. Painting your walls in black would be the best option, but most tenants aren't really into the Gothic look. So we normally advise that all rooms should be painted in beige. If you want to push the boat out, we suggest a variation of beige, like dark beige or light beige.

(2) Keep Those Tins Around

When your tenants move out, you may find that one of your rooms needs a little repaint. If you keep a few tins of your paint around, then it won't take you any time at all to reapply that extra lick of paint to have your walls looking lovely again.


(3) Don't Get Fancy

There's no need to pick any special colours/shades/flavours when redecorating your property, because it won't last. Chances are that you'll probably be repainting your property in a year or two, so there is no need for any bespoke or special paints.

(4) Uniformity Is Key

Make sure that you paint all of the rooms the same colour. Trying to remember which room is which colour, will only add unnecessary problems into your life. Of course, it goes without saying that if you own more than one rental property – make sure that is also the same colour.

Messy Kid.jpg

(5) The Paint Won't Last

It's important to remember that any paint job won't last, and it is normal for your walls to become dirty. If your tenants are a young family with children, then expect to repaint the walls when they move out. For young children, walls are otherwise known as giant canvases, and they will adorn your beautiful beige walls with crayon, felt-tip and pen, the first chance that they get.

(6) Hire a Professional

As professional painters and decorators, it is only natural that we would suggest hiring professionals to paint your apartment. If you're handy with a paintbrush, then you probably know what you are doing. But if you're new to painting, your paint job will not only take you long, but will flake quickly and/or be uneven. So, as with most things, if you want a quality painting job, it's best to call the professionals – which is us. If you're looking for quality painters and decorators in Croydon and South London, then get in touch with us at Hynon Painters and Decorators, and book your free no-obligation consultation.